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  1. I have a show that exists on an external drive. I have been moving the project file and media files from the external drive to a production computer and then back again several times with no issues. Now, however, when I'm trying to open the project on my PC it starts refreshing the media and then Watchout quits completely. It might be a corrupt piece of media, but it stops at different points in the refresh process each time. Is there a way to bypass the refresh media step in opening a project?
  2. We have a project coming up with three screens, edge blended using some kind of new-fangled "lampless projector" that uses lasers or something. Less heat, no lamps to replace. Anyway, the native resolution is 1920X1200. I know Watchout can create a show at that resolution, but can I create a rendered video file at that rez that won't be prohibitively large? I know mpg's don't allow unusual frame sizes. I think I can create an H.264 at that size. Anything else I not thinking of?
  3. The projection screen size is 8 feet by 8 feet. The monitors native display is 1920 by 1080 and is 34 8/32" tall by 60 26/32" wide. They are mounted on stands and rotated 90 degrees.
  4. The physical size of the screen is 8 feet X 8 feet. The monitors are fully visible.
  5. So using a 1920X1080 center display will allow me to use over size stills and have them move across the screens even though the center projection screen is physically much larger than the HD monitors to either side?
  6. I have a fairly simple stage set up Q. Stage is a projected image flanked by two vertical monitors. The verticals are basic Sharp HD monitors rotated 90 degrees, but the projector is projecting a 16X9 1920X1080 HD image onto a square 8 foot by 8 foot screen. We plan on blacking out the edges of the projection to prevent projection bleed, but as far as Watchout stage set-up how do I set up the center screen? Do I use the final 8X8 foot size or 1920X1080 pixel size? (Imagery will be flowing across the screens.)
  7. The cue server is the software that will be controlling all the lighting cues.
  8. Can Watchout send commands to both a cue server and AMX show control over ip? s there any kind of conflict to be aware of?
  9. Thanks for the tips. Any advice on frame rate in Protools?
  10. I need to find the best way to allow Protools to sync up with a 8-screen Watchout show to allow for live audio-mixing in the theater. The audio is specific to the screens at times and is full surround at other times. 1. Protools can generate TC. How would I feed this to allow Watchout to chase the Timecode? 2. What framerate should Protools be set to? The original timeline was 23.98. The mpegs inside Watchout are 29.97. Watchout plays 60. How should the Protools be set up? Has anyone out there done this?
  11. Interesting audio set up. 8 screens with a speaker at each screen. Three more speakers hanging from ceiling. One sub-woofer. One "butt-kicker" subwoofer under the floor to shake the audience with bass. What is the best way to use Watchout to output the audio? We have two Watchout display computers each with a 4-output video card, but how does the audio work?
  12. I hope the following makes sense... I have an 8 projector setup with a 360 degree screen that encircles the audience. I've set up a stage and using the circumference of the screen, the projector width, 2 phantom displays and a 7% overlap I used Jim K's spread sheet to help me set up my stage. I then made a grid to do the geometry correction and get the overlap correct. Now -- I have 8 mpg2's (1920X1080 HD 30fps)to play. On the stage the displays are overlapped, but when I place the mpg on each screen the edges get cut off. If I put them but up against each other they blend nicely, but I hav
  13. I'm having some issues with Aux Timelines. I have a bunch and sometimes they will play with their audio and other times they won't. I can't seem to find a pattern as to why some audio plays and some doesn't. All the clips are the type of file (h264). If I delete the Timeline, create a new one and drop the same file into it it will play fine. Any thoughts on where to start looking?
  14. Why is that sometimes I can't grab an object on the stage and drag it around?
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