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Watchout blanking out all screens


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Watchout will blank out all screens with it's logo, even if the screen is attached to another video card.

Is this by design?? I would like to be able to monitor CPU, Disk & GPU usage on an extra output, but every screen is blanked or in use by Watchout.

Is there something I can do?

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I am interested to have this option as well, often times we keep adding media to the show, everything is working and then at some point we add so much of media that the computers do not play it back smoothly anymore and often time it is too late to re compress the files. it would be helpful to have some kind of tool that would monitor the performance of CPU, GPU and disk usage as part of Watchout

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That actually sounds like a cool feature request. WO providing some form of Op. monitor providing feedback on an extra display output. Something "Task Manager-like", assignable from the production software. Don't know if it's do-able, or how much extra load it would put on a display, but I like it conceptually. It has my vote!

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