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WATCHOUT Production Hotkeys

Walter Soyka

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Over my last couple shows, I've been working on an AutoHotkey script which adds some useful keyboard shortcuts to the WATCHOUT production software: Add media file, New folder, Add new text, Add new composition, Add new video proxy, Y rotation tween, and a cheat to sort of duplicate the selected composition.


I've shared the script if anyone is interested:



I hope this is helpful to others, and I'm always open to feedback and suggestions.



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Thank you Walter! Those of us that jump from Adobe products on Macs to WO on PC benefit greatly from this script. The more we can tailor software to our needs and avoid subscribing to an engineer's ideal arrangement, the more efficient we become. Now if only Dataton could actually compile a keyboard shortcut list with each release. It is asking a lot, I know. Probably more fun for the end user to invest time scouring the internet for such a simple piece of info. I prefer software that actively enables a user to succeed in its environment without forking over hundreds of dollars for a training class.

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