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SMTP/E Command


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Hi guys,


I need a big help.


Im going to use mac pro tools to play a song, and I need to sync with watchout, I saw that Watchout works with LTC (SMPTE/EBU) timecode control, but I have NO IDEA, how to works with it, if i need some software to send those commands, nothing, i searched at the forum but found nothing. If you do have a topic explaining please tell me, if don't give some direction please.



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Hi Mith,


there are usually two or three ways to use timecode.


a) send timecode from WATCHOUT and sync the audio player (protools) to this

b ) sync a watchout display cluster to incoming timecode

c) more ways if you use a good show control system in between, e.g. Medialon Manager...


a) you feed timecode into the audio in port of your display computer and open the display computer through scripting to accept the timecode. It will sync your main timeline to the external timecode. (see p. 268 of the manual for more information)


b ) you use a recorded timecode (LTC- not VITC!!!) and place this as an audio cue into a timeline. The timecode is on the audio output and can be fed into a suitable audio player. Due to the internal synchronisation of WATCHOUT players it can happen that you get a small jitter (speed variation) in your timecode and some receivers are very strict with the incoming signal quality. In this case it is always a good idea to use a re-clocking interface in between which will usually also convert LTC into MIDI-TC. A good choice is Rosendahl MIF4.


Hope it helps



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