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How to setup a specialized video wall (staggered)


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Hello all,


I am trying to set up a video wall (see image) that has a total of 8 monitors, all 1920x1080.  3 of them are 47" and 5 are 32".  How do I create my "stage" in watchout that shows the correct layout and reflects the relative sizes of the monitors so I can correctly program it?  At times I want to have a single image go across all monitors and sometimes seperate images in all monitors, etc.  How do I do this?  Possible?







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In the Display properties, you can disassociate the output resolution and the stage resolution - so you can set a 1920x1080 output to only use 1280x720 pixels on stage, for example. In your case, I think you can calculate the required stage size by multiplying the output resolution by the screen size ratio: 1920 x (32 / 47).

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this is done in the Display Specifications dialog box, P158 in the WATCHOUT 5.2 manual.

Deselect “Width and Height same as Display Resolution”.

You'll have to calculate how much smaller the 32" are than the 47" first. (preferably use the "real" image size)

It seems to be approx. 68 % i.e. 1920 x 0.68 = 1305.6 and 1080 x 0.68 = 734.4



Stage Position and Size.

Determines the position and dimension of the display in the Stage Window.

Normally, the dimension here matches the physical resolution of the display.

You can override this by deselecting “Width and Height same as Display Resolution”, allowing you to enter different values. 

Doing so will make WATCHOUT scale the image to match the resolution.


HINT: This is particularly useful if you have to play a show made for a specific resolution on projectors that can’t handle that resolution

             Or if you need to apply density scaling on different physical size screens with same resolution/same physical size screens with different resolution. 



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