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  1. Is it normal that using the save preset, when I recall the saved preset all the tasks go to stop and I lose the connection with the display ???
  2. Normally Lightware matrices accept a connection at a time, you've tried with or without the activated control software ??? The correct string is with $ 0d.
  3. What are the differences between "add String Output" and "add Generic Variable" ???? Thanks for your answer
  4. what is it and how to use the generic variable? Thanks.
  5. I'm sorry but I do not speak English, so this is a translation made by Google. Download the project watchout that I have put in the link. Hello https://www.dropbox.com/s/ea6aofkwevza4pj/rai.watch
  6. Hello, who can tell me a model compatible with midi control surface commands MSC? I own a Behringer BCF2000's not enough for me. If you have any advice is welcome. Greetings and thanks
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