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  1. Using Standby still dumps the entire stage to black. We used to be able to update like ninjas and now it's like announcing to the room, "GOING DARK TO UPDATE VIDEO"... DON'T MIND ME... Like many users on here I work in Live Entertainment. We have to work fast and we have to be able to make updates without dropping out completely. It freaks some producers out, it freaks some directors out. We design complex shows with lots of projectors, and if the room sees video blinking on and off with each small content update it makes it seem like an unstable system. I manage expectations and this is
  2. I’m not having that issue either. I’m also importing with LIVE mode on, so I’m really living on the edge. Maybe uninstall and reinstall the software? Spot check the tweaks maybe?
  3. I have a useful Addendum to the Live Update conversation. I've found that while using version 6.5, if I already have a folder in the media window, I can drag new content into it while in Live Update with no issue. Unfortunately, it does jump to a black loading screen while the content is updated to the Display and then the content comes back. In previous versions, this loading screen wouldn't show if the Display software was in "No Logo" mode. However, if I am working in Live Update and drag a folder into the Media Window with content in it, I'll get errors and the Display computer wil
  4. Let me start with, I love using Live mode and I find it very stable while operating and running shows. However, there is a problem when bringing new content into a show file while Online and in Live mode. This has existed for several versions, this is a basic operation of Watchout I’m not sure how this slips past testing. The work around is that if you go Offline before adding new content to the show file then go Online once it has been added, you avoid all the error messages and Display computers freaking out. It’s hard to toggle LIVE mode on and off while programming, because it
  5. I discovered a similar issue when using Motu boxes for audio playback. Audio would play fine for a few hours then it would increasingly become more distorted. Resetting the computer solved the issue temporarily. This was in a museum installation, so playback had to be rock solid throughout the day. I switched to a Focusrite and the issue was gone. I’ve always found finding the best audio playback device to require testing several models and that even those change over time. Focusrite has been the most consistent for me.
  6. I’ve done this a lot having Teamviewer on the Production Machine only, especially on a museum installation, and I haven’t had any issues. This is usually when the Producer is a laptop that is using the wi-fi to connect to the internet, but the hard wired lan connection to the display computer stays local and separate. I usually keep Teamviewer on my rental laptops to turn on if a client needs help with something. It’s a life saver.
  7. I think I solved my exporting the timeline to a movie issue by turning off Auto Save. Changing that one thing allowed the export even with the HAP codec files in it.
  8. When adding text in Watchout, if I use the period on the number keypad it types ".n" Also, I wish that the export Movie function didn't crash when using Hap codec files.
  9. Has anyone done a latency test between NDI capture and SDI capture using a Datapath Pro card? I've been doing a lot of research on NDI and it might be a better capture option than SDI. I'm always looking to reduce latency and improve stability, and I have a couple large live video shows coming up this year where maybe NDI would be the better solution. Thoughts?
  10. When I double click on a show file (created in 6.1.6) after running the Watchout 6.2 installer, it tries to run the installer file. If I use the Watchout Production shortcut and open the show file that way, it opens as intended. I also had to add the .exe extension to the installer file I downloaded to get it to run.
  11. Just yesterday I had a Watchout dongle stolen along with a laptop from a rental at the KC Rep. While it's likely the thief will not know what a Watchout dongle is, I'd appreciate if anyone notices a Watchout key sold from the Kansas City area to contact me. I've updated all my keys to version 6, so I would be able to recognize it by serial. Thank you! Jason H. Thompson 858-229-8115
  12. I've spent so much time with Black Magic Capture Cards, trying to get them to work, downloading the latest drivers always seem problematic, because they update so often. I know that the Datapath Capture Cards are twice the cost, but they just work. The Datapath cards to me are far superior to the Black Magic ones, and the man hours it takes to get the Black Magic cards to work well and consistently with Watchout really aren't worth the savings in cost. Fighting with the wrong gear is the worst thing, and it costs so much time and stress. My advice is to just spend the extra, and get
  13. Has anyone successfully setup a PreSonus 1818VSL for Multi-channel playback?
  14. Is there an official or unofficial list of tweaks for Windows 8 yet? I really relied on having the Windows 7 tweaks in my toolbox and I'd love an update for Windows 8. I know that others develop tweaks that they find useful as well to keep Watchout machines running at a top notch condition, I'd love to hear what other members are doing as well to tweak their machines. Thank you, Jason H. Thompson
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