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setting up stage for edge blend


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I hope the following makes sense...  I have an 8 projector setup with a 360 degree screen that encircles the audience.  I've set up a stage and using the circumference of the screen, the projector width, 2 phantom displays and a 7% overlap I used Jim K's spread sheet to help me set up my stage. I then made a grid to do the geometry correction and get the overlap correct. Now -- I have 8 mpg2's (1920X1080 HD 30fps)to play.  On the stage the displays are overlapped, but when I place the mpg on each screen the edges get cut off. If I put them but up against each other they blend nicely, but I have about one-half too much image that isn't being projected. What am I doing wrong? 

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Let me try an explanation :


Maybe your mpg are on auxiliary timelines with stacking order set to "above edge blend".

This would explain that edges get cut off while displays are overlapped.


Otherwhise, when you put your mpg against each other (I understand "side by side") it's normal to have one-half too much image than space on your screen :

7 overlaping zones x 7% = 49% of an image.

And what you discribe then as a nice blend is just a side to side where you can't see the seam.

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