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No videos onscreen when online - v5


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I’ve been doing some testing with v5. I had one machine (A) with a 6 output card that was noted on this showroom forum list back when the discussions first started. It’s a generation old or so and choked a little so I tried a 6990 5 output card in another machine (B). Using an older laptop as a production machine ©. Testing so far has been various video and psd files, started out with the original v5 release, things were moving along swimmingly. The 4GB 6990 is a monster. In a good way. Updated to the current installer, 5.1 I think? (this was last week)


Had to rearrange some gear today, ended up with production laptop C hooked back up to machine A. Now, only some psd files will show up on screen. I’ve gone back to machine B with the newer card, the last known working configuration. I’ve ditched laptop C in favor of using machine A as the production machine, even started a whole new show file, but I get the same problems. SOME psd files will show on the displays. I can’t get any of my videos to show up, mpg2, h264, wmv, whatever. The psd files were all created at the same time. All of these files worked perfectly fine up until today.


No software configurations have been altered as far as I can tell. I place one of the non-showing-up psd’s on top of one that does show up, it doesn’t block out the good file or anything strange. Nothing changed really, just rearranging gear. Videos play fine outside of watchout.


I’m lost. Any tips?





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Hi Adam-not sure if this is the right direction but I had some problems when swappig machines around only to find that the NIC settings didnt match on the production machine and display machines. In my case I just got a whole host of errors and couldnt run anything. The settings that were different were the IPV4 Checksum Offload settings. If they dont match Windows throws its toys out of the pram. But dont ask me why.

By the way where did you get Version 5.1?


Neil Stratton

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Hi Adam,


In order to have any idea and make an educated guess to what your problems might be,

you need to supply more info, on all computers A, B and C:


- Hardware specs, processor, HDD or SSD, graphics card etc?

- OS versions?

- driver versions for graphics etc?


Content info, file size in pixels and what codec and bitrate, that is used etc


There is no released version 5.1, yet. Download file is still 5.0.



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I think, based off of the quote from our builder, I've got MSI X58M, i7-930 2.8ghz,

kingston ssd (they're about a year old, not used regularly, just not the latest gen)

amd 6990, current driver, unsure of the version number. i'll have to go check.


These specs are for the good machines I'll be using for display. The laptop is an older Vaio, I'm unsure of all the specs at the moment, the other 4u I'm unsure of as well, I'd have to dig deep to find that.


Content is 1920x1080 mpg2 .ts, 20-30 mb/s....varies by the file. Using some stuff that was made a couple of years ago, some that I did recently with Total Video Converter.

The psd files are just various RGB 72dpi less then 1920x1080 files. Really basic stuff. Used similar files plenty in the past without issue.



Just got 2 systems back from the builder with the above specs, had the hardware moved into a larger case for the 6990 cards. Loaded the show off the laptop and again, same thing. Going to change production machines and see what happens next. Here's hoping it's something good. So strange that the systems were fine until I rearranged everything and then this started happening. I see the video ok in the production preview, just nothing on display screens.


I was obviously mistaken about the 5.1. Not sure what made me think that....

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