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Set inputs when show is controlled by Watchnet


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I would like to set input variables using TCP. This works as expected when controlling the entire show from the TCP session (load  and run). If the show is started using WatchNet, the TCP session doesn't seem to get authenticated correctly.  Sending "authenticate 1" results in "Ready "6.4" "WATCHPOINT" "Windows" true" but any command after that returns "Not authorized for:<command>" 

Is there any other authentication level that should be used for setting Inputs when the show is controlled by WatchNet?

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No, in WATCHNET you don't have to set authentication levels at all. What you need to do is load the show from WATCHNET as well since this makes WATCHNET the master of the system. Once you load the show you'll see all generic inputs of the show automatically and can use them intuitively.

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The issue you are encountering is the result of WATCHNET issuing an 'authenticate 2' prior to executing the 'load' command.  The 'authenticate 2' creates an exclusive connection and prevents commands from other external sources being processed.  Since the 'load' command only requires an 'authenticate 1' the workaround is to load the show outside of WATCHNET.  One way to do this is to create a startup script (autostart.txt) on the Cluster Master that issues an 'authenticate 1' and then the 'load' command.  Using this approach, you will be able to send commands from both your TCP source and WATCHNET (as long as you do not send a 'load' command from WATCHNET).

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