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Watchout v4 is Windows 7?


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My school upgraded my WIN OS from XP to 7 over the summer. Can I run Watchout 4 in Windows 7?


Depends on what version of WATCHOUT 4 you are using.

WATCHOUT 4 was introduced before Windows 7, so the early versions of WO4 (v4.0, 4.01. 4.1, 4.1.1) are not Win 7 compatible.

WATCHOUT versions 4.2+ are Windows 7 compatible.


I think I am having license key problems.  Any thing out there to help?


Incorrect driver initialization is a common issue. While WATCHOUT 4.x installs the license key driver,

each time the key is installed into a new USB port, it is necessary to properly initialize that port.

If you skip that, it needs to be fixed.

With the key plugged in, go to hardware manager and look for yellow question marks.


Another reason I have seen for v4 keys not recognized is the USB hardware drivers themselves.

When Windows is installed, it places generic drivers so you can use a keyboard and mouse to continue with tuning.

The generic Windows driver is not good enough, it must be the driver provided by the hardware provider.

In most cases this is handled by the driver installation for the motherboard that contains the USB port.

So if you check the USB driver and the source is Microsoft, it needs to be corrected.

And if the driver is from Microsoft, you likely will have issues with other drivers

typically associated with the motherboard - HD controller and sound co-processor in particular.


Also, some USB 3.0 port's drivers have caused issues. Check to see if you can are using a USB 2.0 port,

and find one instead if need be.

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