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Mixing Win7 64 and 32 bit computers OK?

Lloyd Stewart

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Successful in upgrading all our display computers to Win7, 64 bit, except one. Having real trouble upgrading an X48 display computer (Asus P5E3 Pro) to Win7, 64 bit. BSOD many, many times. So it occurred to us to stick with Win7, 32 bit for that one troublesome computer and leave the rest at Win7, 64 bit. (I do know that WO5 is a 32 bit application and that what Dataton has recommended is Win 7, 32 bit)


Also, I know that specific computer issues should be sent to support, but in general, can we say that mixing Win7, 64 and 32 bit computers should not generally be a problem?



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I would say, no it should not be a big problem, as long as you get them to work, individually.

Keep in mind that there might be differences in how drivers for different hardware,

work in 32- vs 64-bit. A bit outside of our control, though.


And always use the latest BIOS, drivers etc. Especially on older hardware.

Latest BIOS for that motherboard, P5E3 Pro, is 0505 BIOS, from 2009.11.27

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