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Automatic start a task, at a specific time of the day


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I'm creating a new studio show, for the upcoming Winter Olympics. It's going to be used in a TV studio, and since we are going to be on air many times during the day, I want to automate some of the tasks. I want change from morning atmosphere to mid day, and ending up with an evening atmosphere. Is there any way of using the internal clock on the client PC, to automate these tasks, so e.g. at 1 PM it will switch to the midday loop? I know things can be controlled by LTC, and that you can script certain events, but I haven't been able to figure out a method to accomplish what I have described. Is there any way to do this, entirely inside Watchout, or do I need an external trigger?


Best regards Christian

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WATCHOUT does not know the system time.


We have one fixed installation where the client first planned to use a show control system for some time related functions and then skipped that after we implemented a work-around which was actually just meant as a temporary work-around. 


We use one timeline with 24h and have cues at certain positions to control the timelines holding the content. 


The problems are:


- after a while, the gap between real-time and the time on the control timeline gets longer.


- whenever someone stops the system, he has to make sure that the control timeline is manually started at the right position


In our case, it does not make a difference if the watchout display players are started at the exact time or shut down at the right second. A difference of a few seconds or even minutes does not harm. In your case, a control system which can access a time server or the system time would be the better option I guess.


You can use professional solutions like Medialon and similar products or a software running in parallel to WATCHMAKER sending custom cues to WATCHOUT. E.g. a tiny Flash project or any other software with access to the system clock and the capability to send strings.

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or do I need an external trigger?

No need for an external trigger. With AutoIt you can write a little Script, that emulates pressing the keyboard.

If you are not familiar with writing scripts (btw. AutoIt is easy to use with a lot of samples and descriptions from a really huge community) try macro-x, a macro recorder that emulates keyboard- and mouse-actions.

I used it to start a specific WO-scene on six display-computers for an outside projection for 6 month and it worked without any problems.

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