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Watchout's output 1 blinks every 9.4 seconds


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Every 9.4 seconds, a part of my "output 1" blinks to black. Three other outputs work fine.
The part going to black is about half of the image.
The duration of the black is about one frame.

I'm using 4 output at 1920 x 1200 @ 50Hz.
Three of them rotated by -90°.

I use active mini-display-port to DVI adapters.
I don't use EDID Minders since the outputs go to a 16x16 grid which is suposed to correctly handle EDID parameters.

The graphic card provides 6 outputs. I tried to use another one without succes.

The same player worked fine last month with 5 outputs at 1920 x 1080 @ 50Hz.
But I can't really compare because it was then still using with WO 5.3. and now I upgraded to 5.5.1.

In windows display settings, I tried to change "This is my main Monitor" to another display output.
After restart, Watchout player had re-assigned its outputs according to the new "Main monitor" wich forced me to re-assign my displays.
It seems Watchout always assign Output 1 to the Windows main monitor.
And the problem followed the "Main monitor" (or the output 1, wich is the same).

I've read that Windows periodically checks for additional displays. Could it be the source of this?

Any idea?
Thank you


WO 5.5.1 (French)

AMD Radeon 7900 series
Windows 7 Pro Service pack 1
Core i7 (3820) 3,66 GHz
32 Go RAM


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