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Enttec ODE or DMXEtherGate MK2?


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I am in need of a DMX solution for my WatchOUT rig. I am looking at the Enttec ODE and the Enttec DMXEtherGate MK2. Kiss-Box is nice but the form factor is odd and the availability in USA seems very limited.


I am looking for bi-directional control/controlling of WatchOUT and DMX/Artnet enabled devices. I need to be able to send DMX cues from WatchOUT either to a console or a device directly and I would like to use a console to control parameters within WatchOUT.


The ODE seems to be an ideal solution because its unicast and theoretically should be nicer on my network overhead.


But the ODE doesn't seem to support bi-directional data... Reading the manual it seems to be in a input or an output but not both...


Does anyone know if the ODE will do simultaneous bi-directional data? Or can I use two ODE and still get better network overhead with two narrowcast versus the DMXEtherGate broadcast?


Was also wondering if anyone has any experience with the HighEnd Systems DP8000? Its pricey but very talented and I am betting it can do all this as well...



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