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Display computers stop sending video signal


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Hello All,

I am running WO V5.3.1 and I am having an issue where the display computers stop sending video signal to the projectors. I will start my production computer and the display computers and everything seems to working fine. After awhile the display computers will stop sending the video signal to the projectors. The projectors go into shut down mode with the countdown coming up on the screen. The display computers are still on but not sending video and the projectors are still on. Once I restart the display computers everything seems to run fine after that. I can do a manage display computers to restart them. I have tuned the computers with the WO tweak list. I do have dvi to fiber optic converters on the display machines, but they have been working fine up till now. The content is still images and one video. The project was created on another machine then consolidated to the production machine in the theater. This is not a consistent issue. We went through a stretch of rehearsals where we didn't have any issues.

Any ideas.



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