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WO -> Barco hdf control and GrandMA msc -> WO


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Hey guys,


Anyone out there able to help me out with the following issues?


1) how to control shutter / lamp status of Barco hdf w26. Also have some panasonic ptdz21k's in project, they work fine, but the instructions by panasonic are good to handle. The documentation of barco is too complicated for me. I don't speak hex/binary/bytes. Just need mentioned controls.... And perhaps any specifics with barco as with pana? (At pana remove password i.e.).


2) any tips / experience with controlling WO via MSC from a GrandMA? Use midi all the time but together with LD with little/no experience with sending MSC we'll have to sort this out. Any do's or don't's? What type of command to run specific aux or cue /run specific time within that aux?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Barco Codes Below and you DON'T need the $0D carriage return.

Barco IP Port# 43680 Shuter Open $fe$00$22$42$00$64$ff Shuter Close $fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff Lamp On $fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$01$96$ff Lamp Off $fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$00$95$ff


I use MSC, but not with a MA and it's a piece of cake. Control cue # is the same as the LQ# and you are good. I seem to remember another post about MSC with a MA on the forum. You might do a search for it.

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Thanks. Barco's work. Msc not so much. Notes / controllers work but no msc commands. Info on grandma only refers to msc in, not out. Links you sent were already scanned, but no progress yet.


Any further tips appreciated.



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