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Hey guys,
I was having discussion with friend about Watchout (32 bit program) playing videos better on Win7 32bit or on Win7 64bit.
WOW ( which stands for Windows on Windows) or in easier terms  - Win7 64bit emulating Win7 32bit
Please see link:
WOW64 enables 32-bit applications to take advantage of the 64-bit kernel which gives more kernels to 32bit programs for input/output requests from the software.
Therefore, 32-bit applications can use a larger number of kernel handles and window handles.
BUT  Win7 64 bit WOW uses up threads on the process to create WOW. Taking away performance from the processor.
And knowing that 32 bit programs can access only the use of 4gigs of RAM (3.5gig really).
Here's my question:
Does Watchout play videos or access them faster on Win7 64bit machine vs a Win7 32bit machine? How does it do it better on a 64bit machine?

Could you please clear this up for us?


I have used Both 32bit and  64bit and I am not seeing a difference.



Thank you,





another link:


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  • Dataton Partner

We have not seen notable difference on WIN 7-32 and WIN 7-64, except when you use more than two or three captured inputs. Each capture card blocks some of the RAM and depending on the make/driver you could notice that not all capture card inputs work if you have many on WIN 7-32. This is one point where the improved memory access of WIN 7-64 would help. But for a normal computer with e.g. a SDI capture card and a DVI capture card you should not notice a difference.

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