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Modifying existing Watchout files on standalone application

Ken Davis

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I have created several Watchout presentations on the production machine and Server.

I now want to copy them to my laptop so I can modify and recopy to the main machine.

My laptop has a CD that is mapped to 😧

Any suggestions how to setup the laptop do the directory structure is the same so I can copy back and forth?

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The best way to move a show is via the function built-in to watchmaker for exactly that purpose,  File - Consolidate To ... This allows you to save the result anywhere you want.

Granted, that is not convenient going back and forth. But it is the most foolproof way to accomplish the task.

Otherwise, you must be precise in the location you store your media assets. It is critical that you maintain relative file references for media by storing all media assets in the folder where your .watch file is located or subfolders of that folder. If you maintain this on all your computers, you should be able to move the new .watch file and any new assets back and forth.

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