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How to trim start of a video clip?


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How do I trim the start point of a video clip in Watch Out? I can trim the end of the clip no problem but when I try to trim the start it just drags the clip along the timeline.



Did you try manually entering the In-Time: in the Video Cue specifications?

Depending on encoding, this can be a challenge, you may also consider a long manual pre-roll when using this feature.

It is better to edit the video for the correct in-point.


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Technically, stopping early is much easier than starting after the beginning.

I suspect in-point is less intuitive because it is not the best way to do that.

There is no reliable way you can set your in-point to target a key frame.

As a result, a lot of calculation may need to be done to successfully do this.

That is why i recommend a manual pre-roll,

to allow as much time as needed to get the new start point ready.


Rolling through a file and ending early is much easier than in-point.


When you edit the file, the first frame is always a key frame, making the start easier / more reliable.

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