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sound from captured devices

Kajetan Milowski

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When I was planning my next show I thought it is obvious that it will work but it turned out it doesn't. I need to capture into watchout some various inputs. Laptops, chromecast, appletv. I would like to select what is on the screen with midi controller. Everything works fine but sound. As far as I know for now I cannot capture sound into watchout. So my question is how can I make my display's speakers play sound only from device that is currently active? On the forum others say that I should go directly to my sound system. But how can I control my audio mixer with watchout so when I change a visible source only sound from that source will be heard.

I hope I made myself clear enough to get some help with that issue. The event starts in 2 weeks.


Best regards,

Kajetan Miłowski

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It is correct that you can't capture audio. i#ve controlled a small mixer with TCP/IP a while ago which would be the easiest way. It depends what sort of inputs your audio mixer offers. If it is just MIDI you'd need to translate TCP/IP strings into MIDI.

One option would be to use a small event control software like UNIVERSE. Many operators in our market use it to control WATCHOUT and other event hardware and software.

Another option would be Visual Productions from the Netherlands. They offer small state-of-the-art boxes which can convert a lot of protocols. E.g. you could send ArtNet to the box and it would translate it to MIDI control.

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