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Two instances of WATCHPOINT running on Windows 10


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I have been seeing two instances of WATCHPOINT running after boot up.  I close the first one with IP address and version # (6.5 in this case)then another on appears with no IP address or version just the WATCHOUT logo.  In earlier version this used to be caused by the program launching before the computer was fully operational.  I would put a delay in the start up menu and this would solve the issue.   In windows 10 the operation is done by using a Task schedule.  Once I create one I can't change it to to have the task delay because I get an error "One or more of the specified arguments is invalid.  This also keeps me from making this task run at the highest priority.

Any thoughts on why this is happening. 

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 64 bitOS

I9 7900X

32 gig RAM

WX 9100



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