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graphic card for 4 outputs


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I have to make a geometric projection for 22 projectors. Curently I'm using computers that are much too week for this setup (6 computer with 4 output card- amd e6760 embedded). I need to choose something better. I know that I need powerfull procesor. But I also need to choose a grapic card but I have limited budget. Everywhere I seek I find a K5000 but it is quite expensive. I was thinking about amd radeon 7870 card. Have anyone tried it? Or mayby you have other solution?

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You need a balanced system, a K5000 is not necessarily needed, but something better than AMD HD7870 is recommended.

AMD HD7970 or R9 280/290 or NVidia similar GTX670/680/770/780 maybe.

Your hardware platform will be the strongest limiting factor here.





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