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Choppy Playback on production computer.


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MACBOOK running Windows 7 (64-Bit Operating System, 8 GIG Ram, Watchout 5.5.1) the video clips on the production computer (.MOV, set at Free Running and Looping) runs fine when the timeline is running, when the timeline hits a pause control the video becomes “choppy”, hitting the space bar to go again the video resumes its smoothness and the choppiness stops.


I am NOT connected to a display computer, Watchpax/Watchcube etc…. I am just at my studio assembling the show on the production computer in the timeline of the show on my Macbook.     


A friend of mine suggested that the choppy video playback on the production computer was caused by limitations of the video card and Ram. Any ideas?   

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Hi Don - the stage preview window should not be taken as an accurate representation of how the display computer will perform. It is useful for programming but in my experience is not accurate when it comes to certain scenarios.I suggest testing with a display machine attached. That is the only way to be sure.

Also are you running W7 in dual boot or Parallels/VMWare? The latter will degrade performance considerably.


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Hi Neil and Mike,


Thanks for the answers.


I am running Win 7 with the BootCamp on my MacBook Pro NOT Parallels/VMWare, I'm running WO 5.5.1. In the past I have used on my older MacBook running WinXP with Bootcamp running WO 5.2 and 5.5, both MacBooks were fine for putting the shows together at home but not as a production computer at the theatre.


Thanks again,


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