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Watchout won't autostart with task manager


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I'm trying to set an autostart on a show.

It works fine when it is launched at Power-on by the windows start menu with the file autoWO.exe.








When I try to set the same parameters in windows task manager, Watchpoint starts but stays on the logo splashscreen and wait. The show don't start.




Did I miss something?


Thank you for your help


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To me, this is how to do it:


Add a shortcut to WATCHOUT Display in Autostart folder


Start WATCHOUT Display software

Ctrl + W/File/Edit Startup Script


Create a script like this (WATCHOUT 5.2 Users Guide/Display Cluster Protocol/P259)


authenticate 1

setLogoString "The show will begin shortly"delay 5000load "MyShow"waitrun


Also mentioned here on the forum 19 Sep:






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