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7.1 audio digital

Diego Consul

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 We have a Denon AVR-3500H dolby decoder with hdmi, toslink and optical audio multichannel inputs. 

We like to extract 7.1 digital audio from Watchout Display, but it hasn't any audio digital outputs. It has a FirePro wX7100 video cards but we only can output 2 audio channels from they display port connectors.

We have two options, 
install a sound card with toslink output  (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX)

or install a video card with hdmi and embedded audio 7.1. (MSI GeForce GT710 1GB DDR3 Low Profile)

What solution do you recommend?


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Wrong information. We have Firepro WX7100 too.
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I recently achieved 5.1 outputs with a Denon system from a Firepro WX7100. (Active DP to HDMI adaptor)

Connect the system up, then go into windows sound options for the correct output and select configure speakers.

There you can select the sound setup you have, i.e. 5.1, 7.1 etc.


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The Startech adaptor you mentioned, doesn't say it supports multichannel audio, and isn't an active adaptor?

Try an Accell active adaptor, which says it supports audio. - Audio support up to 8 channels LPCM @32kHz


Not sure what driver version as the server isn't here anymore but it was most likely radeon-pro-software-17.q4.1-whql-dec14

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