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Audio playback


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I've never used audio in a presentation, and am running into a little hiccup in my first use.

Running 5.5.1, Sending the audio through the video card to hdmi. I extracted the audio from the video file and have a .ts file for video and a .wav file for audio. Tested alone, everything is peachy keen, when I hit ctrl-L to go online while the timeline is running, i get a blip of the audio track, just not during playback. Any ideas?

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Ok, I'll check there, which I believe it is, but then I'll work on an analog solution. 


Thanks Jonas.


and for future reference, I did encode at 44.1hz and had turned off Windows Media Center during the initial tweak process

I'm not sure this will work at all through a graphics card, ie never tested by us.
A pre-requisite is that your default audio device is the correct one, the graphic card that is.


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I confirmed the video card was set to be the default audio device (an nVidia something somethingty something), restarted each system, no luck. I plugged in some headphones to confirm I was getting audio through the analog channel on the display system after resetting the default device. I heard audio. I yanked the plug and immediately audio began playing over the HDMI connection. I have thirty some different auxiliary timelines in this, I started playing another one and the audio disappeared. Never to return. I'm running analog under carpet cable and we'll just use a normal speaker.

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