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Phantom Layers


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I am cueing a show right now and I have started having problems with a single layer:


This layer appears as though there is no content in it, but when I try to select it (click and drag) I can see the tweens. I am unable to fully selective enough to move it, and the content in that layer does not appear in either the program stage or on the projector. I then tried to delete the layer, but it told me was I not allowed to delete layers that have content in them. I went through the layer settings, and it is not invisible, or only effecting certain tiers-I could find no cause for this problem. 


Is there a way to override this,and delete the layer anyways? Has anyone experiences a problem like this?


Thanks for your time,




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Hey Jonas,


The next day the layer appeared again and I was able to move everything, and just delete the layer, the problem has not occurred since. I think you are right that it was a cache issue, I will keep that in mind for the future.


Thank you for the advice!




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