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Using RTSP live without delay with Watchout


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Hi everyone,


i m new on the forum and pretty new to Watchout.


We have to broadcast live an onboard camera from 10 simulators the issue is that we can use only Wifi camera to air the signal due to some technical restriction.


I see that Watchout is compatible with RTSP protocol and was thinking of using some GoPro camera in combination with some Teradek Clip + RTSP license.


Do you think this is a good idea knowing the amount of simulators (10) and is it a feasible solution ?

We wont need to to show all 10 cameras at the same time we might need 2 - 4 cameras at the same time in our broadcast.



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As I answered in Dataton Support:


GoPro cameras are not tested with WATCHOUT, but AXIS cameras are, and work well.

They have several WiFi-based solutions. Examples here:


Of course there are a delay using Network cameras, and even more over WiFi.

But the quality is very good, up to 720p.


Using 10 cameras simultaneously is probably to stretch things a bit. It has of course to be verified, but 3-4 sounds like doable.



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