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Apple ProRes Playback problems

Robert Witt

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I recently had a problem with a Apple ProRes file.

I ran 3 separate displays with 3 separate video files Using WO 4.3.

The video on the center screen had audio.

During playback I discovered that in every start of the timeline the center screen (file with audio) lagged. The start of the video where almost 2 seconds delayed.

Same result when we tried to run it from the other display PC´s.

We where able to play the file In Quicktime Player on the actual display computer.

So we took out the audio file from the video and put it in as a separate audio on the timeline and it played flawless.

Specs of the file: Quicktime Apple ProRes422 (HQ) 1920x1080 25fps.


The computers are tuned and set after Dataton recommendations.


Any ideas?



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Hi Robert,


First, standard procedure in WATCHOUT, use separated audio whenever possible.


ProRes is not a recommended format for stable playback.

It's played back by QuickTime, and a bit out of our control, so to speak.

Although many swear by it as the ultimate playback format quality-wise,

there are many issues to overcome, hardware & software-wise, to make it work,

especially in a Windows-environment.

It's is an intermediate codec designed for editing not playback, after all.


[strong]The recommended formats for stable & smooth WATCHOUT-playback is

MPEG-2, WMV-9, H264 and Animation ( if Alpha is needed), in that order.[/strong]


Hop this helps,

Jonas Amren

Dataton Support

Dataton Support

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A quick question for you, did the delay stay with the video you were sourcing the audio from? The reason I ask, is that I had a similar situation using 9 streams of ProRes422 and tapped two units for audio, the delay followed the two units that I was sourcing the audio from. All 9 streams had the same audio file. It became apparent after moving the audio jacks around, that the delay was a result of Win 7/CPU playing the audio. My solution (being as I had 18 machines 9 prime and 9 backup) was to jack all of them to get the delay into all the units. I could move the jacks (prior to jacking all of them) and watch the delay follow on the display machines. Still working on narrowing down the true reason (driver or hardware issue) but checking to see if you had experienced the same issue.


Thanks in advance


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The delay did only follow the video file.

I played it from two other display machines with no audio cables connected and it was still delayed.

Not until i removed the audio stream from the file and used it as separate audio in the timeline i got rid of the delay.

I have never experienced the problem you´re describing.

Please post in the forum if you solve it.



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Was the ProRes file delivered from a Mac or a PC? What was the audio codec used? I have used ProRes extensively before without delays in the audio but I have had some issues with Proxy ProRes files delivered from Post Houses that needed to be re-encoded to be usable. Just curious more than anything to be honest.



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