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Controlling 2 Production PC simultaneously with one MIDI controller


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Hi all, is it possible to connect a midi controller to 2 production computers and controlling them simultaneously?



2 production PC (one main, one back-up), each connected to 1 display PC projector output. Both production PC are connected to one MIDI controller, and hitting a key on the midi controller plays both production PC together.

Both production PC are projecting the same content onto a same screen, if one production/display PC dies out, the content will still continue running without interruption nor delay from the second production/display.


I'd just like to know if the above is possible. (instead of hitting spacebar from 2 keyboards, surely one will be slightly delay).




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If you insist on MIDI or OSC (better option for me) I would suggest that you use Lemur (https://liine.net/en/products/lemur/specifications), it supports sending the same message to several recipients simultaneously.


But maybe there is a way to configure Watchnet for controlling 2 clusters, the Dataton guys will surely respond and comment

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