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No, but running WATCHOUT on WIndows 10 Pro takes the risk of updates. Normally Windows updates are a good thing if we talk about security in office or private use cases. WATCHOUT servers are not so much under threat since we don't usually store private data and important documents on WATCHOUT servers. On the other hand, we have seen several updates which caused a Windows server to stop working at all. The update forced the system to go into an indefenite boot loop or deleted all user data and software from a computer. We also had clients who prepared a show on site for days on their Windows 10 Pro notebooks and when the CEO entered the stage for the big opening of the event, the notebook showed the message that Windows thought it would be an ideal time to shut down the computer to install all updates. If you run WATCHOUT on servers in a fixed installation and the client calls you one morning to tell you that nothing is working anymore it can also be a bit uncomfortable for you. Yes, you can delay updates on a Windows 10 Pro system but we also know that sometimes updates lead to performance and stability issues and then you don't have too many options to repair your system on the long run.

Windows 10 Enterprise or IoT (used on all WATCHMAX and WATCHPAX servers) can be installed in a way that it NEVER updates anything keeping the system in a tested and stable state.

It's up to you whether you love the thrill of update surprises or be more conservative, staying with a tested system on the long run.

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