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VLC streams to WATCHPAX freeze (Network Video)


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I am currently in the process of setting up a WATCHPAX unit to display two Network Video feeds from two separate PC sources using VLC Media Player's streaming functionality.


I have successfully got the streams running on the unit, but after exactly 1 minute, the feeds freeze, and in order to start them up again I just skip to anywhere else on the timeline in Production.


Has anyone else encountered this issue before and may be able to shed some light on where I might be making a mistake?



My VLC Settings are as follows:


Desktop Stream at 30FPS MPEG-2 256kb bitrate 640x360 (Transcoded on the PC) via RTSP.


WATCHPAX settings: Unicast and Hardware Acceleration off and mirrored resolution settings.



I can also confirm that playing the stream via another PC using VLC does not cause any issues.


Your help will be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the reply Mike!


I managed to get a configuration working using RTP with VLC Media Player with two feeds, I'm now in the process of running it over the course of the day to ensure it remains stable.


However I will pass on my previous RTSP settings to support so you can check it out.


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