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Blackmagic Decklink Duo problems

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2 or 3 same type cards is OK

2 different types with same driver (E2S and RGBPRO) - unfortunately not


Anyway, Datapath are really great with great support.

I'm really confused with the Blackmagic... We've received the info for the unsupported motherboards or USB 3 chipset after we bought the cards




Re: Datapath


Again, VisionRGB-E/AV/HD4 and VisionRGB PRO/PRO-2 does NOT share the same driver.


VisionRGB PRO/PRO-2 needs a PCI-slot, VisionRGB-E/AV/HD4 are PCIe-based.


For VisionRGB PRO/PRO-2 one need a separate driver: http://www.datapath.co.uk/downloads/rgbprodownload.htm

This might account for some of your issues.


Dataton has run both 3 x VisionRGB-E2s + Vision SDI2 (8 inputs) simultaneously and

4 x VisionHD4 (16 inputs) simultaneously, at Full HD.


This should work on a properly configured system, on proper hardware.



Re: Blackmagic


It's unfortunately a well known fact that Blackmagic cards are picky on which hardware it runs properly on.

That has been discussed here many times, here for example:




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Hi all


A small (and I hope final) update


As it was discussed a lot before - the system was configured according to the tweaks. Hardware was not 100% equal to the officially approved but close enough.

As some of you saw in the enclosed video - there were drops also in the video outputs, not only on the capture inputs. We were really stuck and we started thinking that it could be a problem with the Firewire W9100. Today is the first day after the installation that we have more time before the air shows and we decided to come with 3 other hardware systems (old, new and newest, with all kind of other video and capture cards so we can exchange, test, etc).


Upon coming the first thing we did was to change the OS - the new machines were with Win 8.1 Pro and we just switched to one of our HDDs with Win 7. I must say we didn't really hope it would work but being "old school" we had to try.


Right now almost everything is smooth and easy going. No drops on the outputs (6 FullHD outputs), no drops on the inputs if the input task is pre-initialized.


We'll see how it goes in the next days and if it is OK we'll start the long process of dowgrading the Windows.

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