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Lost of licence key


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I just received some new dongles a couple of weeks ago and, after launching the CodeMeter app, went through the process of registering them online. According to the web site this does, in theory, enable you to deactivate a key if, for example it were lost or stolen. Presumably this only works if the key is used on a machine with internet access though, so it's not necessarily a reliable solution.

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Michael, the stolen/broken key has always been at the back of my mind as sh... can happen. A suggestion could be, instead of having to buy a full priced dongle, would it be possible to implement, on a less expensive dongle (let's say that it would sell for 100$ for the purpose of the discussion) a full-fledged licence that would be good only for a certain amount of time (ex: 30 days, 100 hours, etc...). This could be bought as a "spare tire" in case something goes wrong and could be sold only to already registered full licence dongle owners. It could bring peace of mind for some producers.


Just a suggestion of a very satisfied Watchout user.


Michel Gilbert

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with time stopped, the key will be determined, most likely the marriage stick or mechanical damage. is it possible to change the same key if available outside?
the money paid for the license to use the software, but because this system check there is no assurance of reliability.
10 keys 6 left working. 3 years have passed.

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I have a hard time following what you're saying. But if you have broken keys out of warranty, I suggest you contact sales or support to work something out with them.

Seller offers a change only for 500 euro , because the warranty period has passed. as a result of a license for 2 years , and it has an extension of 500 .

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On 3/29/2015 at 12:39 PM, Percival said:

Is it possible to Lock a Dongle to a particular Mac Address ?

maybe it could ask for a password / permission to shift it to another System ?

Curious to know if we could add some layers of security via the Codemeter Software.


@DatatonSupport Would appreciate if some information /advice about this is possible

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Guest DavidA


No, this is not possible to do in a practical way. Sorry. 

Best regards, 

David Aleksandersen
Commercial Support Manager
Dataton AB

+46 70 552 32 30

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