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Video Duration gets recognized too short.


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is some dev monitoring this forum? I may have found a bug in 5.5.2.

It was driving me nuts yesterday and around 3 a.m. I could narrow it down to be Watchout itself.

I have m2v video clips with 30fps and also tried some with 25fps. When I add them to 5.5.2 the duration of the clips is detected too short. Sometimes it is exactly one frame, sometimes it is much more than one frame and sometimes it is less then one frame. One file always gets the same length, but different files show different errors. m4v and wmv encoded from the same sources were all fine, but draw too much resources.

When I add the same files to 5.5.1 or earlier (I tested down to 5.3.1) the 25fps files get the correct duration and the 30fps files are sometimes short by 1ms. I guess that's a rounding error as one frame is 33,333333...ms. Nevertheless this is still wrong and quite inconvenient, because when I align videos after each other either the errors sum up or there is 1ms gap.


At the moment I'm at the Hannover fair and show starts at monday, maybe there is a chance to get a quick and dirty fixed alpha before?




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Little update:

I have one machine with only Windows 7, Quicktime and Watchout. this machine gives strange durations and no preview-images when adding the clips in question. On another machine I have Win8 and the K-Lite Codecpack, there I can see the behaviour as mentioned above (1ms rounding problem).



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Beware of 3rd party "codecpacks" with WATCHOUT. The've been known to cause problems from time to time. Please re-test on a clean machine with no other codecs installed than those that come with WATCHOUT. If you can still reproduce the problem, send a sample video file to support@dataton.com for further examination.



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