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Projector/Video Calibration Test Patterns

scott britt

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To do proper calibrations on projectors/displays good reference patterns for color, greyscale, contrast, brightness, pluge are necessary...I have a test pattern generator as I have done the ISF and THX certification classes...but often this is a real pain in a Watchout install...as it isn't the easiest to get the test pattern into the system and to where you need it...


Does anyone know of any reference patterns available as TIF/PNG files out there??  I know it would not be in most the commercial sources best interest to sell such...but thought some of the "society" types or Dataton may have come up with some collection of test patterns for such purposes??


Thanks much!

Scott Britt


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Here are two suggestions:


1) Projectionist, for iOS/Android, can create nice testpatterns as part of it's arsenal:



2) WATCHOUT Display Builder, for MacOSX/Windows, a REALLY nice application from Matthew Keane:





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Thanks for the mention, Jonas! The primary function of Display Builder is to lay out Displays for Watchout, but I added simple colour & greyscale bar generation as I find them handy for adjusting the softedge curve. I wasn't even sure whether to keep that function in the next version, but if people find it useful...


For more complete test charts, I like the Belle Nuit video charts available for free download here: http://www.belle-nuit.com/test-chart

The downside being that they only exist in standard video production resolutions.

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In case it could be of use to somebody, I just posted a new version of my Display Builder app on my site: http://matkeane.com/project/watchout-display-builder-softedge-calculator


The new version makes it possible to add groups of displays with different resolution, rotation, etc and align them to other groups. So, if you need to align a row of HD1080 displays with another row of 720p displays, that's easy. You can also specify and calculate physical dimensions, so you can quickly check how many projectors you need to cover a certain surface area. If you need to mix displays of the same resolution but different sizes, the software will calculate the 'stage size' for you, so you can easily align a 40 inch flat screen with a 50 inch one and maintain the correct image size between the two.


Once you've laid out the displays, you can export reference images with a pixel grid (useful for graphic design) or a physical grid (handy for making sure the client's logo isn't hidden behind stage props) as well as a text file ready to paste into Watchout.


The software doesn't support the new display settings in Watchout 6 - Masks, Muting & Virtual Displays - but layouts of 2D displays for Watchout 5 seem to be working fine in WO6. 

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