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AVMT doesn't shutter Christie DW951 projectors


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I have 4 Christie DW951in a 2 by 2 blend and i need to send a command to shutter close command.

I can send a PJlink command but it doesn't shutter the projector. It mutes the picture but doesn't shutter.

any thoughts are welcome


Ben Chaisson 

Creative Director 

Playground Studios

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How are you connected between Watchout and the projector: 9-pin D-sub RS232 or TCP/IP?

If 9-pin D-sub RS232, for Christies, the pins are crossed if I'm not wrong whereas, for example, Barcos are straight through.


Also, what syntax have you tried? Maybe someone here can spot the error.

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Sending from Watchout, each byte must have a $ sign to indicate that it is a hex byte, with no spaces in between, so your -

$BE EF 03 06 00 63 92 01 00 05 24 01 00$0D


should be -



If that does not work, try without the $0D at end -



(Note: I have not checked against the manual whether the bytes you gave are correct)

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Thanks that worked 

I had a little trouble with the open command and found for some reason I had to type it out in stickies then copy and paste to make the command actually work.


Occasionally i don't get the command to fire so i have it sent 3 times as per another post.

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