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Problem with Free Running Audio Cue

JT Pickering

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Hi all.


I am having an issue with a few audio cues that are supposed to be free running.


I have some wav files on my timeline that are set to be free running and looping. This works perfectly on my control machine but on my display machines - the audio output sometimes stops when the timeline hits the pause. It does not do this every time - for example, if I play the file from the beginning on the timeline and hit pause anywhere during the playback, sometimes it keeps playing and sometimes it does not. We are running version 5.5.2 and this issue has happened both on a basic laptop display machine that we were using for testing, and our main Show Sage display machines. Any suggestions to resolve this are appreciated, thanks.

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Hello there,


I'm having this problem, too. We are currently running a show with this issue. Also 5.5.2. The client machines which run audio (main and Backup) are two perfectly identical machines. With the main one, when running in a pause cue in the timeline, the free-running clip will stop. The same clip on the backup machine works fine.

Odd thig: upon reaching the pause cue and it (sometimes) continues playing audio, when I run the timeline again and hit pause right on the clip again (after the pause cue), it will stop the audio...

Audio is output a Blackmagic Decklink Card, btw.

Any insight appreciated!




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