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Controlling WATCHOUT with an ETC ION


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I'm trying to control my watchout system with an ETC ION using MIDI show control. We have used this configuration for many shows before this but for some reason this show (and our previous one) isn't working. We have matched the settings in the show files to match previous shows that worked correctly.

The ION is outputting correctly, and the watchout pc is receiving according to our midi monitor, but watchout is not responding. Has anyone else run into this?

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Be sure to quit your MIDI monitor before opening WATCHOUT or WATCHOUT probably will not see the MIDI data.

This is more a function of the MIDI driver,

some drivers only allow one connection at a time (including the MIDI driver built into Windows),

some drivers allow multiple connections (usually from the MIDI interface manufacturer).

On single connection drivers, if another program is connected when WATCHOUT is opened,

you will need to quit WATCHOUT, quit the other software connected to MIDI, then re-open WATCHOUT.

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Hello I am currently trying to hook up watchout to our ETC Ion so that we can trigger GO cues with the Go Button but we are having problems getting it to work. We've trouble shot everything and read the manual but we're still having issues. Could someone give me a step by step to make sure we are doing this correctly

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