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Datapath VisionRGB E-2s cannot be detected


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I need some help.


i am using the exact same specs as the recommendation and also the Datapath VisionRGB E-2s capture card.


But somehow the card is either not being recognized by windows or simply cannot work.


anyone facing the same problem?


Thanks in advance

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Hi there,

Had the same problem with ans Asus mainboard P7H55-USB3.

Now using P8P67 LE. Datapath works fine.

Some WO-system builders have good experience using the mainboard Asus P8P67 WS Revolution.


There can be a problem that the PCIe bus is switched to a lower speed. And that's the reason why the Datapath card will not be detected by the Vision software/driver.

Contact support@datapath.co.uk

They can send you diagnostic software to run, so they can examine your systems remotely by the tables you send them using this diagnostic programs.


Good luck,



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Thanks for the replies. I have already contacted datapath. Awaiting their reply.


This is very weird as I have another PC with another motherboard. Asus Maximus IV Gene.


It too, cannot detect the card.


But the old Asus Maximus iii Gene Motherboard can detect the card with no problem.

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