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Tasks not in sync in cluster?


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I have tasks that triggers clips on 3 separate machines (A/Master, B and C), with a "go to time"-cue for looping. (as the clips shouldn't loop back to the very start)

It happens quite consistently that one of the machines doesn't loop. It's not a single machine, as it sometimes is B and sometimes C that doesn't loop, depending on the task. (so it is a consistent error)

Is this a known problem? Are there any workarounds? How do I troubleshoot?

Watchout 6.6 running on Watchpax 4.

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Haven't seen this for 10 years or so. Back then it could happen if too many control cues would sit at the same time in a timeline.

What is controlling your cluster?

Have you tried to loop back to a named cue instead of jumping to a time? It's my preferred way to loop sonce you can easily adjust it by just moving the "target" cue.


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It's a single control cue.

The cluster is being controlled by TCP commands from a control system. (RTI)

No, but I'm gonna try it the next chance I get. Thanks! Seems buggy that it should make a difference though...

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