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different native resolution computers on a single graphic card


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Newbie to WatchOut-


I understand you cannot mix up different resolutions on a single graphic card. 

Although, trying to pull out the set up below:

I have a display computer with 3 outputs (capable of producing 3 full HD, I've tried).

I would like to hook up 1 projector with native resolution 1024x768 and 2 projectors with native 1920x1080 resolution. 


Is there a way to cheat the 1024x768 one to be 1920x1080? Does not have to be the same quality, but I only meant connecting to WatchOut system. I understand native 1024x768 will only produce that much of resolution, but can't VGA cable carry the digital signal as well?

Can I just add 3 displays of 1920x1080 inside watchout and use VGA active adapter? 



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