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different native resolution computers on a single graphic card


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Newbie to WatchOut-


I understand you cannot mix up different resolutions on a single graphic card. 

Although, trying to pull out the set up below:

I have a display computer with 3 outputs (capable of producing 3 full HD, I've tried).

I would like to hook up 1 projector with native resolution 1024x768 and 2 projectors with native 1920x1080 resolution. 


Is there a way to cheat the 1024x768 one to be 1920x1080? Does not have to be the same quality, but I only meant connecting to WatchOut system. I understand native 1024x768 will only produce that much of resolution, but can't VGA cable carry the digital signal as well?

Can I just add 3 displays of 1920x1080 inside watchout and use VGA active adapter? 



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It depends on your projector.  If it can accept HD resolution, then you can probably fool the graphics card to send it out over VGA.  But many older projectors don't like such a high resolution.  See if you can connect to just that projector first before trying to do all three.

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