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  1. Hi Sydney, It really depends on the display machine. I have used this method with varying degrees of success. If you have full control over EDID, HDCP and all resolution and refresh rate settings then it works like a charm. EDID management has sorted most of my issues with this method. Luke
  2. Depending on model, this is how you programme key strokes. http://www.dsan.com/CueLights/CueProgrammer.asp
  3. This is awesome dude. Love seeing this kind of implementation in the flesh - beats my 4 output proj blend awards setups hands down! More of this please!
  4. joe artist - no. You can only use one graphics card per display computer. all outputs must be the same for Watchout.
  5. Hi Transco, Blackmagic devices are VERY particular with their settings. Ensure everything between input and output and in Watchout. (eg 720p refresh rate 60Hz) Also see this thread http://forum.dataton.com/topic/1368-blackmagic-decklink-4k-extreme-capture-issue/?do=findComment&comment=5520 I had the same problem when first using BM capture cards.
  6. Thanks Thomas and Mike! VERY useful stuff here. What an amazing new world of opportunity this all opens up.
  7. Having a first look through v6. As a complete novice in mapping as opposed to multiscreen, what software are you all using to create your 3D meshes in V6? Also what is a standard practice for say importing a model of a building/architectural structure to create content? I have my theories, but would be nice to get a bit of advise from someone who has experience with this already. Cheers!
  8. More Advice here. http://forum.dataton.com/topic/1368-blackmagic-decklink-4k-extreme-capture-issue/?do=findComment&comment=5520
  9. Have a look at this. I had similar problems. http://forum.dataton.com/topic/1368-blackmagic-decklink-4k-extreme-capture-issue/?do=findComment&comment=5520
  10. Hi There, I had a very similar issue. 1.)Make sure the Black Magic software is not running when you running Watchout 2.) Try various types of output in the production software (eg try the Composite setting or try the S-video setting) To get my SDI input working, I needed to tell my display computer to reference input 1, and my production computer needed see "Live Video" media type as a Composite input- not SDI. I'm pretty green with WO, I'm by no means an expert! - This is just my experience.
  11. LukeMc


    Good Morning all! When can we expect Watchnet? Also, will Watchnet be a stand alone programme or will it be packaged as an update to Watchout? Regards Luke
  12. My Bad! Input Device: 1 Signal: HDMI:1 Vid Standard: 720p Deinterlacing: None Width: 1280 Height: 720 All settings matching from input to output. ----------------- UPDATE. Thanks for your help Jonas. I have got it going now! I needed to select the Secondary Analogue Input in Watchpoint, then configure the Video in the production software to recognise the video signal as "S-Video" as opposed to HDMI.
  13. Capture is set up as a camera via add media. I have tried all devices in watch point, and all options in the options menu for the media item. Digital/HDMI doesn't even appear as an option to assign to devices. I have tried a Sony NX5p camera with HDMI out directly and a laptop output as devices. Currently Watchout is only accepting a composite video on this capture card using another input on the same card. I followed the instruction manual to the letter to add land assign live video to the timeline.
  14. Hi all, I'm relatively new to watchout and I'm wanting to capture an HDMI video signal into my presentation. I'm using a consumer level record/capture device and I'm hoping I can get this working with the Watchout display machine without having to splash out for more hardware (the license keys have blown my budget for the next few months!). I am using an AVerMedia H727 card. I have success in being able to input an analogue signal via the Composite signal, but any Digital inputs are not present in Watchpoint. Windows 7 SSDs AMD Raedon HD7900 Graphics Card (Watchout optimised system). Does anyone know of any tweaks in the driver settings perhaps that might allow this through? My guesses are either that being consumer, the HDCP lockdown is so great that it won't let the signal in without using the card's proprietary software, or the drivers have only been set up with the Directshow API to allow an analogue input. Hopefully there is a genuis out there in Watchout land that may be able to help? Cheers Luke
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