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3D Mapping Car


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Finally I can and I will do a 3D Car Mapping (with ease) just to see where problems lie to do this. Basic "problems" with content and UV mapping are solved (thank you Dataton for the tutorial - Virtual Display as Mapping Object)


Has anyone already made any experience that could be of value?


specific number of projectors? or...

specific angle? Cause I am doing it on luxury car and can not do a matt-foil laminating


I don't know so I ask


thanks in advance everyone



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Don't want to be spoil-sport, but with more than 1 projector, I wonder if the same UV mapping would apply especially when the projectors are not from the same direction. Example, one proj from the front, one from the rear; or one on the left side of the car, the other from the right. I have only tried on a toy car with one projector. Need to get a second proj to try this.


The other thing to 'watchout' for is not to use still images with colors on different parts of the car. It makes it tough to align perfectly. Probably have to use masks to solve 'bleed over'.


Suggest you test and test and test, if possible, to anticipate problems on site.


Good luck!

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Yes, using multiple projectors is not a problem. The UV applies to the 3D model loaded into WATCHOUT, not to each individual projector. Then the 3D projectors just "look" at the object from various angles, corresponding to where the real projectors are located.



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