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Trimming Composition to Media Length


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Hi all,


I was wondering if there is a way to set a compositions length to line up with the outpoint of a media cue without having to type in the duration.  It appears you can extend the length of the comp by dragging the media duration out but I cannot find a way to bring it back once I shorten the clip.  One thought was to just have the duration set to be shorter than any of my media files and then just drag and drop it in so it will set it automatically, but I can't find a way to consistantly drag the file into the very start of the comps timeline which ends up adding a couple frames of black at the end.


I am creating a large set of compositions with some logo and some loopable background inside of it. I need to be able to swap out the background files within the comp quickly and still be able to loop it in the main timeline.  Some of the background files are shorter than others so I'm having issues with the loop. 


Is there anything I can do to make this easier other than typing in the duration in the timeline settings?





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Hi Tim,


Here a couple tools that might help your workflow a bit. I don't think it's gonna solve everything but it could help.


1- You can lock the duration of compositions. Either when you first create them or Ctrl + J when you are inside a comp. There will be "Lock Duration" Checkbox.

That way when you drag new files it won't change the duration of it.


2-If you drag and drop a new file on top an existing one, it will replace it so it won't affect the length of the comp.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply! Those tips definitely helped out.  My only issue with replacing previous backgrounds by dragging/dropping is that each one has a different loop point.


Another thing I tried out, which worked well, was putting the various backgrounds on a timeline and pasting them into the comp as needed- automatically setting duration.  I would then lock it and drag the logo out to match. 


It's a few extra steps but having to type in all the durations seems a little more tedious.


Thanks again,


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