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Hi Everybody,

i need some help please.


My producer is connection to my projector christie LX605 by Network.

When i use TELNET TO "ON" or "OFF" my projector, it is working.

open 10000

password : 0000




When i configure a CUE STRING in watchout it doesn t work, i fell my syntax is bad.

I setup my string output in TCP

my Syntax CUE is C00$0D


Any Idea ?






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I assume you need to enter the password into each the command string as well. Or do you fire that as a separate cue?


If you fire it as a separate cue, you can't wait too long between those cues, since WATCHOUT will close the TCP port after about a minute of inactivity, and then re-open it for subsequent commands, which may then require the password again. I'm not familiar with the projector's protool, so I don't know if you can put the password command line at the beginning of each command just to be sure.


Also, are you sure the projector uses a single carriage return as the line terminator (that's $0D)? Some devices may use LF ($0A) or both CR and LF. Finally, make sure you type "zero" "dee" for $0D, and not "ooo" "dee".


Hope this helps.


Mike  -  http://fahl.se/

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