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Using 2 videocards in 1 display computer


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If 2 videocards NVIDIA QUADRO K4200 are installed in the one display computer - whether I can use exits from both videocards.

If isn't present - whether that I will be able to use 4 exits of one videocard 2560х1600. It will oyabzatelno be 4 DP through DP HUB or can be 2 DVI - an exit and 2 DP?


I will be very grateful for a prompt response!

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Your effort to communicate in English are appreciated, but it is difficult to ascertain the meaning. Will give it a shot ...


If two video cards are installed in the computer, you can only use the outputs from one video card.


Of course it depends completely on the video card, but in most cases,

yes, you can output 2560х1600@60p on each output.


It is possible to use DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport (MST)

to provide multiple outputs (up to three 1080p usually)

on a single DisplayPort 1.2 connection.


Success is highly dependent on the MST hub chosen.

Setup of the graphics card via the graphics card's manufacturer's driver is crucial to success.

When setup correctly, the outputs from the MST hub appear as standard outputs in Windows.

WATCHOUT itself is not involved in MST setup,

all WATCHOUT needs to see is compliant outputs from the OS.

Any questions on MST hubs should be directed to your hardware vendor.

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