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ArtnetDMX doesnt work with watchnet


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I am consulting this problem with support already, but as we can not find the problem solution/source, I want to ask here if somebody has encountered same problem or will have some idea how to solve it.


We have system with one production computer (watchmaker version 6) and two watchpaxes 2. Production computer also controles light over ArtNetDMX. It works just fine. Problem is whan we switch from watchmaker to watchnet. Videos are playing just fine, also pj link commands work, but the artnetDMX doesnt work at all.



We have tested the network. There is around 200 artnet packets/sec when useing wachmaker and not a single one is comeing out of cluster master watchpax when useing watchnet.



Here is the procedure we do when switching from watchmaker to watchnet:
A) I prepare the show in watchmaker - Just with one image (on layer2, main timeline) and one DMXoutput (on layer1, main timeline).

I upload this to watchpax by going online and test it  - it works with watchmaker like a charm. Than I go offline and switch watchmaker off.
C) I switch on watchnet (on the same computer where the watchmaker was) and I choose Subsystems, add the cluster and than power the watchpax off and on. And than I check if the show is there (by the i button on the subsystem page).
D) Than I go to script page and make script out of:
ClusterLoadShow (with the force reload)
wait (1 sec)
Than I ran the script with "Run the script" from the main menu.
E) I can see that the picture is projected from watchpax as expecetd, but the ArtnetDMX doesnt work.


Thanks for any ideas how to solve this.

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