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Problem with MPCDI import from Scalable Desktop


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I am testing Scalable with Watchout 6 via MPCDI files.
I have this test system:

  •     Laptop with Scalable Manager and Watchout v. 6.6.1
  •     Watchout display PC with v. 6.6.1
  •     Two projectors 3840x2400 on  flat screen
  •     Canon 650

So, I have success with process calibration with Scalable, have a good picture at finish.
But I have a problem when try to play show in Watchout.

I'm import MPCDI file in empty show, and can see two new screens with overlap, blending and geometry correction in Stage window. Sounds good!😊
But when I play this show I see black screen on my projectrors. But if I change geometry corrention from value "from file" to anything in parameters of one screen I can view picture on this screen immediately.
Could you help me? I want to use this pair of software in my project.

Best Regards,
Ilya Yakovlev, engeneer,
Ascreen Ltd.

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28 minutes ago, jfk said:

Just curious, have you quit all Scalable software prior to opening watchpoint or watchmaker? Pretty sure Scalable and WATCHOUT  will interfere with each other.

Yep, I have quit from Scalable software on both PC. Specially chek this once again.

And I have one symptom else: Sometimes Watchout Display has crashed when I try to go to online with this test show maked with MPCDI.

It happens after Watchout server display string about "Transfering MPCDI file"


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